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ILIP is an initiative of Owitechs PTY LTD to bring the talent onboard and empower them with industry-based knowledge and make them industry ready with relevant exposure so that they stay ahead in this fast-upgrading world of technology

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How Owitechs ILIP Works?

Industry Oriented Job-Ready Integrated Internship Programmes To Focus On Building Real Industry Skills


1. You Join "ILIP" Virtually

Join relevant ILIP Program of your domain, expertise & interest virtually in few steps

2. Virtual Orientation & Induction

During the orientation we set the key performance areas to your profile and set the benchmark parameters

3. Meet Professionals Virtually

Mentors associated with ILIP are well connected so you can work without any glitches & perform better

4. Gain Industry Skills

ILIP provides real-world hands-on training exposure on the latest tools and technology as per the industry requirement

5. Weekly Project Series

ILIP are equipped with multiple Weekly Projects series that enables you to work on different levels of tasks

6. Keep Gaining Experience on MWP

Multiple Weekly Projects series lets you gain industry oriented experience post successful reviews by manager

7. Onboard On Final Major Project

After successful weekly projects, you will work on complex level final project (FP)

8. Project Recommendation

Project Manager will assess your work done on the project and a detailed review report will be shared with Management

9. Be Industry & Job-Ready

By this time you have got good experience and exposure of industry and you are ready to get going with the interviews.

Convenient & Most Affordable

ILIP Affordable Virtual Internships allow students, graduates, and career switchers to gain professional skills and work experience from the comfort of their very own homes, matched to their desired career ambitions.


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Students While Studying

ILIP Flexible Internships are best when opted at your early phases of your career while undergoing your studies be it under graduate, graduate or post graduate

Job Seeking Graduates

Struggling for job as being graudate? Consider to get right experience which is relevant and can take you closer with right technical skills and exposure

Institutes & Colleges to empower studies

Merge ILIP Internship in your academic syllabus which provides and extensive industry support to improve employability opportunities in the real world of work.

Corporates & Startups

As a corporate, you get the right skilled ready resource who needs a job and can start work immediately, Its a win win situation for a job seeker and recruiter

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